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§ Biography

My name is FEDERICO Stefanoni.

I was born in Brescia (Italy) on May 21st 1995. I spent my rash childhood and my carefree youth in the province of Brescia, initially in Acquafredda and later in Carpenedolo. Sport, games, saxophone lessons, and friendship have accompanied me from kindergarten ("La Magica Scatola", for those of my generation that remember its name), to high school.

In 2017 I graduated in New Art Technologies in Santagiulia Fine Arts Academy in Brescia, where I came across the digital and informatic field for the first time. It was however more from a creative point of view, than from an analytical one. It was, indeed, a shock!

In 2019 I enrolled at the University of Parma, where I am currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. This choice is mainly due to the consequences of geopolitican context in which we live, to my future aims and most importantly to my fascination for these forms of abstraction.

I like to reinvent myself, both in life and work, and I am determined when it comes to achieving goals, as well as contemplative for what concerns my actions and thoughts.
From retro-gaming as the maximum expression of art and interactivity, of creativity and problem-solving, to in-depth studies on whole math theories, I have found in the lifelong learning my path in life, and who knows, my ikigai.

Federico Stefanoni, F.S.

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